Sisters: 4 Reasons to Strengthen That Beautiful Relationship

Our quality of life is determined by several factors: health, finances, and relationships. Especially family relationships. Various scientific studies around the globe have concluded that having a sister makes you happier and more optimistic. They encourage family unity and good communication. Those who have one or more sisters enjoy a greater emotional balance than those who do not have sisters. They support their siblings in difficult situations, and help them overcome adverse circumstances. They encourage their siblings to open their minds and release their emotions, making them feel better.

Sisters Make You Happier
Having sisters can make you happier

A healthy attitude towards life

A joint study by the universities of Ulster, Montfort and Leicester in the UK states that growing up with one or more sisters ensures mental balance throughout life. They strengthen family ties, encourage their siblings to be more sociable, and have a positive outlook on life. In addition, those who have sisters develop a broader and more complete language or vocabulary, since women are more communicative than men. They encourage their siblings to meet new people, make friends, establish new interpersonal relationships, etc. This attitude helps an individual have more confidence in him/herself and to develop quickly in different social environments. Those who grew up with their sisters will have a satisfying active social life and will be less likely to develop shyness.

Guaranteed happiness

A scientific study done by Brigham Young University in Utah states that growing up with one or more sisters was happier because they are more optimistic about life situations. Because of that, they are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety in adulthood. The individual faces the adversities with excellent security in himself and solves them with greater facility. This posture prevents the individual from committing illicit acts, suffering from alcoholism or addiction to illegal substances. When an individual grows up in a healthy environment, he or she will create a loving environment for their own children.

Financial Success

Incredible as it may seem, growing up with one or more sisters promotes financial success in adulthood. Scientific research by the Universities of Ulster, Montfort and Leicester also asserts that having sisters helps an individual succeed in the financial arena. They encourage their siblings to have a good emotional connection, which in turn promotes self-confidence. This attitude encourages the individual to believe in themselves and feel capable of working and making money. This self-confidence leads to financial independence. That child who grew up with his sisters will later become a successful adult in the financial arena. He/She will be able to have a good job, buy a house, have a good standard of living, etc., during adulthood.

Sisters Help you with Emotions
Sisters can help with emotional support

Emotional support

Another positive factor of having one or more sisters is that they represent essential emotional support throughout life, especially in negative moments. Those who have sisters overcome obstacles more quickly. Those who have sisters know they can rely on them during life’s sad circumstances: the death of a loved one, divorce, identity crisis, etc. Thanks to the support of their sisters, an individual can overcome adverse circumstances in a short time. It is essential to maintain a close bond with our sisters even if they live far away or are very busy. This emotional bond guarantees us good emotional health in any context.

Final thoughts

Family relationships are an important key to our development as human beings. Unfortunately, sometimes the links between siblings are underestimated and are not studied in-depth as they should be. Recently science decided to deal with this issue, and one of its studies states that having a sister makes you happier and more optimistic. Having sisters can help you freely express your emotions and help you feel better about yourself. Sisters are an important support in your well-being. Take care of your relationship with your sisters; they are there for you.

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  • Great post! I have eight sisters, so it’s good to see them get the recognition they deserve. I have enjoyed the benefits of their emotional support my entire life and don’t know what I would have done without them. Sisters – one of the best things ever created!

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