IPad Pro VS. iPad Air Review

Ipad Pro VS. Ipad Air Review

If you are currently looking for a new tablet to carry around with you for work and entertainment, you might be having a difficult time deciding which tablet is the best for you. Today, we are going to talk about and compare the iPad Pro and the iPad Air. These are two very nice tablets that Apple has released in the past, but which one is the right one for you? Let’s discuss it.

Pricing might not be a key feature when deciding which tablet to purchase, but it does carry some weight when the choice is being made. You don’t want to spend too much money on an iPad, but you also want to make sure that you are getting a reliable system that you can count on. Here is how these products range in price:

iPad Pro 4th generation:
To get this product to only run on WiFi, you are looking to spend about $999 dollars. This can easily be rounded up to about $1000. Not a great starting price, but it’s a good system so you have to expect to pay the price for it.

If you want to get your iPad Pro connected with your cellular plan, you need to expect to pay a little bit more. The starting price for that is about $1150. Again, not a terrible price. And if you have a certain phone service that allows you to add devices, you might get a better deal.

iPad Air 4th generation:
This is a smaller device, meaning it will be a lot cheaper than the iPad listed above. To get this device to work with only WiFi, you are looking at about $600 dollars. This is a very good price for an iPad.

To have the device connect with your phone plan, or to give it its own, you should be seeing the product placed around $730 dollars. This is also a great price when you think about how much the iPad Pro is going to cost you.

The winning result? iPad Air.

Ipad Pro

This is a more important feature people look at when deciding between systems and devices. You want a display that is larger than your phone, but you don’t want to be carrying around a laptop sized device. It can be tricky to find a device the exact size that you want it to be. Let’s see how these products handle the display size.

iPad Pro 4th generation
This system is giving you around 13″ of display. The exact size is 12.9″ which is a really good size for a tablet. It’s not too large, but it’s also considerably larger than its competitor.

iPad Air 4th generation
This device is going to give you 10.9″ of display. This might not be seen on paper as a lot shorter, but when you compare the sizes in person, you will notice the difference. It’s not a bad thing that this device is shorter, a lot of people prefer smaller tablets.

If you are going for size, the winner is the iPad Pro.

Attachable Keyboard.
This one is tricky. Both of the systems are equal as far as attaching a magic keyboard to the device. You can buy either of these tablets and you will receive the same amount of keyboard support. This is a good thing, you know that no matter what choice you make, they both have magnetic keyboard abilities.

This is another feature where the two devices are equals. They are both 100% compatible with the Apple Pencil. This is a great feature for people who need 100% accuracy when using the tablet whether it be to sign off on business deals, or to design things in the drawing apps available on the device.

Ipad pro vs. Ipad Air

Memory and Storage.
This is a very important feature. Every device needs to have large storage, or at least allow you to add in storage. Unfortunately, there isn’t a legitimate way to add storage and memory to these devices, so you’ll need to make this decision wisely.

iPad Pro 4th generation:
With the Pro, you are getting up to 1TB of memory. That’s a lot of memory for a device this size. Considering how large the applications are, you will be able to download apps and save photos and videos for weeks before even needing to be concerned about how much space you have left. This is the perfect device for those who are constantly downloading, saving, or designing.

iPad Air 4th generation:
This might come as a disappointment to people who were looking into buying this device. The iPad Air 4th generation only comes with 256GB. This is still a lot of memory, don’t get me wrong. But it isn’t nearly as much as the competitor listed above.

If you want a device that can hold hours of media, the iPad Pro is the winner.
All and all, both of these devices are reliable and have amazing features. The final decision is going to be yours, but if you want something that is worth your time and money, the iPad Pro is the device i would recommend choosing. The iPad Air is still a great device if you don’t have the money for the better device, but I would still recommend saving up for the Pro.

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